Foothills Communications Upgrades Cable TV

For Kentucky’s Foothills Communications, the decision to upgrade their RF cable system to the Innovative Systems video solution was based on being more competitive and strengthening the quality of their bundle. According to Jarrod Hardin, Director of Customer Relations, Foothills is not looking at video as a profit center, but rather to strengthen their product line of voice, video, and broadband for their twelve thousand plus customers in Northeastern Kentucky.

Multi Generation TV Concept Highly Attractive

Even though the current market demand from Foothills Communications customers is for traditional linear video, Hardin says the single platform solution MG-TV from Innovative Systems is the best fit for them. Having the ability to quickly ramp up an app-based HLS product without more vendors and equipment according to Hardin makes the most sense.

Foothills Customers Appreciate the Upgrade

Foothills customers like everything about the new video experience they are getting with the Innovative solution. Time shifted options like Restart and Network DVR have been big hits so far. Hardin says the ability for customers to see what their neighbors are watching with the What’s Hot App and then using Restart to go to the beginning of the show has really created a must have feature set.