Erie PA ISP – Fiber Company Enters Video Game

Brad Wiertel, Director of Operations at Velocity Network  says even though video margins are thin, this Erie PA fiber company had to have a video play to compete. When VNET added video to their high-speed internet they immediately saw their take rates rise.

Innovative Video Solution Was the Right Fit

According to Wiertel, the Innovative Systems subscription-based video model provided an attractive solution for this growing company that offers business IT, fiber products, and now residential services under the VNET Fiber brand.

VNET Needed Video Fast

After a false start with another video solution, VNET needed a linear video solution in a hurry and turned to Innovative Systems. Once the InnoStream™ platform was delivered, VNET was able to activate  customers within three weeks. Wiertel says the quality of the customer experience provided by the Innovative Video Solution matches, and in some cases exceeds that of their Erie PA competitor. Wiertel cites Restart TV, cDVR, and VOD as table stakes when going up against big cable.

Unified Video Vendor Solution  is the Way to Go

VNET is all in with Innovative Systems, using their middleware, VOD, Encryption, and Guide Data. Wiertel says moving forward they will be looking to deploy the live streaming component of MG-TV. For VNET an integrated solution has not been a disadvantage, especially when it comes to single point of contact, which Wiertel says is less expensive and provides faster support resolution.