Rural Consumers Prefer Linear Over Live Streaming

The results are now in for the 2019 edition of the Rural Video and Broadband Study, and we wanted to know what rural consumers thought about replacing their linear video with a similar streaming service.

In the four years of this research, streaming has been trending upwards, but the pace is much slower than that of the urban areas. This year we asked over 400 rural consumers, “On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being uninterested and 10 being very interested), how interested are you in a streaming service that includes all the local and broadcast channels as a replacement to your current cable or satellite service?”

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of customers have no interest in a streaming service to replace their existing cable or satellite television service. 22% had minimal interest, and only 16% had a high enough level of interest to consider purchasing a live streaming service as a linear replacement.

This is just one of the many nuggets that can be mined from the Fourth Annual Rural Video and Broadband Study which is a result of interviews with over 400 rural home owners all across the US.

Service providers are eligible for a free copy of the 40 page report, please email your contact information with a mailing address.