Channel Surfer to Manage IS Video Solution on Google and Amazon Devices

Google and Amazon have approved the name “Channel Surfer” to manage voice activation skills for the Innovative Systems  video solution.  This integration will be functional with all Innovative Systems service providers who have upgraded to the Version 13 IPTV Middleware software release.

Compatible devices include the Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the Amazon Dot. Channel Surfer will activate over a dozen different commands that will verbally control the customers video experience. Consumers who have physical limitations will also benefit from this integration with the ability to ask channel surfer such commands as tuning to a certain channel or to let them watch the last channel they were watching.

Other Notable Channel Surfer Commands

“Alexa, (“Hey Google”), ask Channel Surfer what am I watching”

“Alexa, (“Hey Google”), ask Channel Surfer to find (TV program name)”

“Alexa, (“Hey Google”),  ask Channel Surfer to pause”

“Alexa, (“Hey Google”), ask Channel Surfer to skip ahead 4 minutes”

“Alexa, (“Hey Google”), ask Channel Surfer to go to the previous channel”

“Alexa, (“Hey Google”), ask Channel Surfer to show me the weather forecast”

“Alexa, (“Hey Google”), ask Channel Surfer to show me the weather radar”

National survey  data is showing smart speakers among U.S. Wi-Fi households at 20% this year.  In 2017 the penetration was 12%, which would indicate that this type of growth will start to impact rural America.

If you are wondering whether or not you are ready to deploy this for your customers, contact your Innovative Systems Sales director.    Click here for additional information on this feature.