Can We Stop Robocalls?

For rural voice providers, stopping robocalls is not an impossible task given the fact that 198 APMAX systems are loaded with the Call Screening Service TCM. 

Over 19 Million Calls Challenged

Recently we received data reports from sixty voice providers that have the TCM Call Screening Service deployed, and the small sample results are nothing less than stunning! The sixty companies total landline count is slightly over a half million, but less than three per cent of their access lines were provisioned with the service, which still managed to challenge over 19 million calls over the last eight years. Of those 19 million calls, 11.6 million disconnected before completion, which indicates that the majority of them were robocallers or other unwanted calls.


Call Screening at the Service Provider Level for Over 15 Years 

When customers call you with the question, “How do I stop calls on my landline?”  Check with your Central Office staff and see if you have the TCM service on your APMAX. If you do, in a very short time those annoyance calls will go away. You should make it a priority to pull TCM counter reports from your system, not only to prove it’s effectiveness, but also to show advocacy groups and your legislators that you are making a good faith effort in reducing annoyance calls to your customers.