Amherst Communications Moving to InnoStream MG-TV

Amherst Communications General Manager Rick Letto says his communications company in east central Wisconsin is upgrading their linear video middleware to Innovative Systems because it still provides an easier to navigate customer experience than OTT.   Letto says until OTT can mimic what his customers are used to, traditional linear video is still what the majority of Amherst subscribers are most comfortable with.  He says, “They just want to push a button on their remote and watch TV.”   

Letto added that he likes where Innovative is going  with the Innostream™ MG-TV  platform and looks forward to having the option of giving customers video delivery choices that best suit their lifestyles.

Reasons for Changing Middleware Vendors

Letto cited two things that stood out in their evaluation process of Innovative versus the other vendors in the middleware space, reliable support, and back office attributes in the middleware itself, like Virtual Remote™  and statistical data reports like channel stats. 

On the customer experience side, Letto says Restart TV is a real game changer because it is so easy for a customer to use. Amherst is also moving to a Network DVR only model, and by deactivating the record function on premise-based DVRs customers can still hang on to their old recordings. The added security of storing the recordings in the local cloud at Amherst assures that a customer will not lose their recordings due to a local drive failure.      

Amherst All In On VOD

As they are competing in some of their markets with a large cable provider, Letto says Video On Demand is an essential feature. This also goes back to the situation where Amherst customers are more comfortable with having one remote and a single platform experience.