Video Provider Saving Hundreds Per Day With New Middleware

Randolph Communications upgraded their video middleware to the Innovative Systems solution due in part to a long-standing vendor relationship on the APMAX voice platform and the good tech support they provide.

According to CO Engineering Manager, Daniel Nicodemus, Randolph customers are comfortable with the traditional guide platform, and channel surfing, and he says that preference will likely continue for awhile. Getting local channels with a roof-top antenna in this rural North Carolina area is difficult and is another reason why Randolph decided to stick with IPTV when they upgraded to the Innovative Systems Video Middleware. 

Support Tools Saving Time and Money

Nicodemus says that as an engineer, he is convinced that the support tools built-in to the Innovative platform have greatly improved the quality of service that he can give to his customers. The tools like Video Monitor, User Experience Monitor, and the Virtual Remote™ are allowing them to save hundreds of dollars per day in truck rolls, for a company that serves seven counties.

With the Video Monitor, Nicodemus says all of the techs receive email alarms when a channel is not meeting expected performance thresholds, which gives them a heads up before a customer would call in. Nicodemus also finds the User Experience Monitor extremely valuable because it gives technicians easy access to Set Top Box performance logs so they can go right to the  STB that is causing the problem rather than checking out all of them in a home.