Innovative Systems

Announcement System

If your company is a LEC, CLEC, IXC, or Wireless provider you can benefit from the Announcement System by Innovative Systems. Integrated with the AP’s Advanced Services, it provides seamless delivery of services and unmatched voice-prompting capability so you can be sure customers hear high-quality correct announcements each and every time.

Customized Announcement Capability
The APAC (Application Peripheral Administration Center) software, a PC based program supplied with the Application Peripheral™, administers the Announcement System. APAC includes the Announcement Builder and Fragment Editor software for the creation of customized announcements. Announcements are digitally recorded and supplied as fragments. You can modify the announcements or build your own announcements by using the Announcement Builder and Fragment Editor. The announcement system also allows you to import your own .wav files.

Reliable Announcement Delivery
The Announcement System is delivered with the Application Peripheral™, a fully redundant hardware platform that provides up to 192 announcement channels.

Brand Your Company
Add your company name to the beginning of announcements and add a network identifier, such as the NPA/NXX, to the end of announcements for trouble call diagnosis.

Full Service Announcement System - Supporting:

CLASS Announcements
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Standard Announcements
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Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Announcements
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Automatic Number Announcement
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Changed Number Announcement
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Customized Announcements, including TTY Announcements
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Weather Information
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