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Illinois Telco Taps New IPTV Middleware Vendor

September 19, 2011

Woodhull, IL – After some 8 years in IPTV subscription video, Woodhull Telephone Company has decided to switch their IPTV middleware platform over to the Innovative Systems solution.

According to Phil Wirt of Woodhull’s Central Office Department, “We have worked with two other middleware vendors and have decided that Innovative’s approach to middleware is going to better meet our customer’s needs moving forward.” Wirt adds, “We needed a product that is easier and less complicated for our customers and also something that is easy for us to troubleshoot when customers have problems. Another advantage for Woodhull will be the ability to do mass Set Top Box upgrades which is something that we couldn’t do with our other middleware provider.”

Steve Garrow, Innovative Systems Midwest Regional Account Manager, stated, “It was a great win for the APMAX™, we are starting to see a trend now as more Telecoms in the IPTV space are looking for increased functionality for the subscribers and better tools on the back end for the support staff. Garrow adds, “Anytime a service provider can improve the subscriber experience and eliminate truck rolls with quick problem resolution, the customer will be less likely to churn as they have very little tolerance for issues with their subscription video.”

About Woodhull Telephone Company
Woodhull Telephone Company serves customers in Woodhull, Alpha and Ophiem Illinois with voice video and data service. Woodhull is embarking on a project to bring FTTP to all its subscribers. The telephone company will bury 111 miles of fiber optic cable that will provide their subscribers with broadband data rates of up to 8 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps upstream.

About Innovative Systems
Innovative Systems offers the APMAX IMS Application Server, the only platform in the industry that
delivers enhanced voice services and IPTV video solutions, and eLation. It also features a fully
integrated OSS solution, which includes billing, financials and staking and mapping applications. With
over 1,200 systems in service throughout North America, Innovative Systems is one of the leading
suppliers of telecommunications hardware and software in the independent telephone company market.

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