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SE Georgia Telco Takes on a New IPTV Middleware Vendor With Help From Dascom and Innovative Systems

July 25, 2011

NAHUNTA, GA- Brantley Telephone (BTC), a 6,000 subscriber line telecommunications company, has recently changed their IPTV middleware platform to the Innovative Systems Middleware solution.

According to Michael Haney, Brantley’s IT Manager, “The thing that really stood out for us was how complicated the first middleware system was with lots of extra equipment and difficult interface provisioning as compared to the Innovative solution.” Haney added, “There is a huge advantage when you already have an APMAX in place for voice services, as the UI is the same and everything ties in nicely. We also appreciate the back end tools like the Virtual Remote™ and the Video Monitor which weren’t available on the other system.”

The Whole Home DVR has also been a good revenue generator for Brantley, saving them the capital expense of having multiple DVRs in the home. The Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware allows for basically the same user experience in playing back programs on the non-DVR set top box that they have on the DVR set top box.

The unique situation of switching IPTV middleware providers in a short period of time would normally be considered quite a challenge, but according to Nathan Vineyard, Director of Engineering at Dascom Systems Group, “We re-designed Brantley’s system and were able to easily incorporate Innovative IPTV Middleware into the final working solution.”

According to Ryan Tupper, Innovative Systems Voice and Video Products Director, “BTC is a good fit for our IPTV Middleware. They required a middleware with competitive features that could be installed quickly, integrated easily with the set top boxes, encryption, and other elements of an IPTV service. With a collaborative effort from Innovative Systems, Dascom and BTC we were pleased how everything came together with virtually no glitches.”

About BTC
BTC provides high speed internet, voice and video services to thousands of customers in Brantley County, as well as small portions of Camden, Charlton, Glynn, and Wayne Counties in southeast Georgia. In 2006, BTC embarked on the largest construction project in its history - a complete conversion of its 1,100 miles of copper telephone infrastructure to a new fiber-to-the-home network, setting the stage for delivery of cutting edge telecommunication services including their newly released BTC Vision video product.

About Dascom Systems Group
Dascom Systems Group, LLC is a full-service systems integrator of audio, video and digital broadcast systems, and is dedicated to providing video solutions through an experienced and knowledgeable staff. Residing at the intersection of IP, video, audio and broadcast technology, Dascom specializes in Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Audio/Video (AV), Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Local Production. Dascom is the leading integrator of video headends in the telecommunications industry with more than 130 telecom customers since 1998, and operates as one full-service resource to service providers with site planning, project management, equipment staging and integration, training, ongoing maintenance, upgrades and network monitoring service. Find more at:

About Innovative Systems
Innovative Systems is a dominant provider of voice and video services as well as OSS/BSS solutions to the telecommunications industry. The APMAX and Application Peripheral (AP) are the most feature rich and widely deployed voice and video service platforms in the IOC industry with over 1,200 systems in service interfacing with all switch types and IPTV networks. The eLation OSS/BSS solutions is the leading next generation solution and is deployed at over at over 100 customers providing fully integrated billing, automated provisioning, financial and staking and mapping solutions for wireline, wireless, Internet, IPTV and CATV companies. For more information, please contact the Innovative Systems corporate office at 605-995-6120.